Consecration to the Holy Family




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Consecration to the Holy Family


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

Members of the Council met and worked the our Parochial Vicar who would be celebrating the Masses on Sunday, December 30, 2018 to plan a parish-wide consecration to the Holy Family. The Vicar tailored his Homily based on the initiatives set out by the Knights by reviewing with members the items contained. Ushers, who are all members of the Council, handed out the Prayer Cards provided by Supreme. At the dedication following the Homily together the congregation read the prayers and received a blessing from the Vicar.

This was done by the Brothers to help the Parish family find a way to imitate the original Holy Family and replicate the joy found in their Blessed Union so each family may also enjoy their own Blessed Union and support.

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