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Cony H.S. Football in season


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

During the 2018 High School Football Season I served as a volunteer football coach for the Cony H. S. Football program. My primary duty was as an assistant Freshman coach.
The program began with a Fall Sports meeting and equipment issue on August 12th. I attended the morning varsity session and then a Freshmen afternoon session during the double sessions version of the season.
Once the season started I spent my time with the Freshmen at practice and at their games. I also attended JV games at times during the year. I filmed the Varsity games therefore filling an important function. I assisted in transporting equipment to away games for the teams.
I took it upon myself to assist the team manager by getting water and other needed equipment to the field for practice for both teams. I helped in the equipment turn in at the end of the season and also washed both game and practice uniforms.
I participated in a number of team dinners and the end of Fall Sports ceremonies. All of what I considered In Season activities ended on Nov. 9th.
The total amount of time that I volunteered to this project was 275 hours and 45 minutes.

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