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Cony H. S. Football Off Season Program


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

I am a volunteer football coach for the Cony H. S. Football Program. When the regular season ends we commence an off season program to prepare for the following season. This usually starts in November. I have previously submitted an off season report with a start date of Nov 26, 2018 and an ending date of Feb 27,2019 in order to comply with the March reporting requirement. This report reflects a March 2019 start and an August end of the off season even though it’s a continuation of an approximately ten month program.

The duties and activities that I provided to the program were varied. The main activity consisted of opening and monitoring the weight room three afternoons a week during school days. During these weight lifting sessions the players and other students could lift weights and follow a prescribed lifting program under a coach’s supervision. I would also be in the weight room during school vacations and throughout the summer in the morning three to four days a week.

I further attended a coaching clinic held in Auburn, Maine and participated in a preseason coaches’ meeting. I washed and stored the various uniforms, mainly practice items, during the off season. We had around 70 players during the regular season so there were many items to wash and dry.

The actual hours that I put into this project were 95 hours and 50 minutes.

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