Corporate Communion/Prayer Service for Deceased Brothers




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Corporate Communion/Prayer Service for Deceased Brothers


Council: 1299 - GARDINER

Project Description:

For centuries, the Church has set aside the month of November to honor the memory of those faithful who have departed our mortal company. In keeping with this tradition, the Daughters of Isabella St. Agnes Circle, and the Knights of Columbus District Eight Councils conduct a Corporate Communion in November.
Following the Mass, these two groups, representing St. Michael the Archangel Parish, each conduct their respective Prayer Services.
This year, the Daughters honored the memory of three of their Sisters. The Knights honored the memory of nine of their departed Brothers, including one of our Priests.
Canabas Council hosted the Corporate Communion and Prayer Services this year. Sadly, five of those Brothers who are no longer with us were members of Canabas Council.
Our sincere gratitude goes out to Father William Modlin for his introspection, guidance, and thoughts as he offered his homily, and, later, his introduction to the Prayer Services.

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