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Council 2219 Monthly Newsletter


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Each Month, beginning in February 2019, Council 2219 produces a newsletter to inform members of upcoming events, key points from the most recent business meeting, celebrate accomplishments and recognize members for their good deeds. The newsletter is distributed via email to all council members as well as District and Parish Leadership to bring them up to date on council activities and upcoming events. The newsletter is a professional looking publication and includes many photos of Knights in action. The newsletter also helps to encourage Knights, who are not active, to become more involved as they become aware of the numerous activities undertaken by Council 2219. Throughout each month, photos are taken at Knight events for inclusion in the newsletter. Additionally, the newsletter is utilized to notify members of any National or District level news which would have been covered in our monthly Business Meetings. The newsletter has been well received by Council members.

The newsletter is called The Knights Times and the first newsletter was issued in February 2019. This FAI Report covers the time period of February 2019 through September 2019 (8 months of newsletters). Time spent includes attendance at events, taking of pictures, identification of items to be included in the newsletter, writing of the newsletter, assembly of the newsletter and distribution to Council members. The monthly newsletter process typically involves 2 or more individuals who spend approximately 6 hours in total each month. Two of the newsletters are attached as examples.

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