Council Family Of The Year Winner. 15791




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Council Family Of The Year Winner. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Fourteen council brothers, and Parish Office Staff participated in this 2019 Council Family of the Year at Holy Martyr’s Church, and private homes, during January and February. Our Council Family and Knight Team had a big challenge ahead of them this year with many of the monthly family winners being very active members within the Church, Council, and Community. After four hours of sorting through the 12 monthly winners we finally came up with a winner for the Council Yearly Family Award. This Family was Brother Knight Frank and Yvette Knight of Saint Gregory’s Church. Brother Frank has held two seats since joining our council as a Charter member in 2013. He was and Outside Guard, and is currently in his second term as our Financial secretary. Brother Frank is the sound man on our Admission’s team. He also works on the Family and Knight Team. Brother Frank is also a Sir Knight with the honor guard with Assembly 3215. Brother Frank and Yvette have been very involved as a Team since joining us 6 years ago. Brother Frank has been in the Knights of Columbus for 39 years. Area’s which they help in include Fund Raising Drives, Pro-Life Events, Council meals, and are always there to lend a helping hand without being asked. Brother Frank and Yvette are both Extraordinary ministers. Brother Frank fills in as an Usher, and collector at the 4 PM Mass. They have also helped with bringing the gifts to the Priest at their Mass. Brother Frank is also the electronics troubleshooter for the Parish with the PA Systems, and the Computers. Brother Frank and Yvette are both Red Cross Supporters, and help with the blood drives. Brother Frank is a 4 gallon donor, and just recently received his 4 gallon pin from the Red Cross. Wife Yvette also works with 10 other ladies on sewing dresses for the “Little Dresses for Africa Program”. Since this group was formed they have sewn over 2,000 dresses. Brother Frank spends time with one of our council brothers who has PTSD from the war. They spend time biking, hiking, snow shoeing and some skiing. As for their 4 daughters, one lives out of state, and three live in state. One daughter works for a Home Schooling Co-Op. One is an artist and has her won Web Site. One is a homemaker and a Piano Teacher. the last daughter is employed at LL Bean. In closing, the review team felt that this Family has made significant contributions to the Parish, their Community, their Council and their Families. May the Good Lord continue to give them the strength in continuing their work for their Church, Community and their Council.

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