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Cross Catholic Outreach Donation/Impact


Council: 1299 - GARDINER

Project Description:

The Cross Catholic Outreach is a Catholic Ministry that partners with bishops, priests, religious and lay workers to provide food, water, housing, education, orphan support, medical care, microenterprise and disaster relief — and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ — to the poorest of the poor in over 30 countries around the world.

Each month Gardiner Council 1299 donates $25 to CCO from the proceeds of the weekly beano held each week and other fundraising events. The total yearly donation is $300.

Our donations are the driving force behind their multifaceted mission. In their effort to meet urgent material needs and provide spiritual blessings to poor families around the world, they view these gifts as a precious resource from God that we must handle with care and accountability. (From website)

In developing countries around the globe, devoted Catholic priests, sisters and lay missionaries are eager to help the poor, but few have the financial resources they need to achieve their goals. Our gifts through Cross Catholic Outreach are sent directly to these devoted ministers of the Gospel. (From Website)

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