Day of Spiritual Reflection




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Day of Spiritual Reflection


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

13 Brother Knights and 8 other participants for a 4 hour program.

This evening of spiritual reflection focused on TMIY, That Man is You as an opportunity to both recruit for the Knights and introduce TMIY to those not aware or not attending this weekly program of prayer and learning. TMIY is a Catholic mens ministry that seeks to harmonize social issues, scome science with the teaching of the Catholic church. It is a program that typically includes a time of fellowship, a half hour instructive video regarding scripture and the life of key saints and other lay people who have been a positive influence in faith formation. It even chronicles secular people who have had a negative influence on society as a learning mechanism.

This event was help at Council10020 home parish. We started with a light meal and a time of fellowship.

This event was held June 27th from 5-9 pm.

This program supported byt the Knights has had a profound influence on men in our parish for those who have participated. Often the majority of the participants are Knights from our parish and many time from other parishes. The program has benefited Individual men, their families, their church community and society. This was help to create recruiting opportunities for both the Knights and TMIY.

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