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Dempsey Challenge


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

We are very proud of having Brother David as a member of our council for the hard work he has done
over many years for a cause dear to his heart. He was singled out by the Mayor of Lewiston, Carl Sheline, who has recognized a very important man and Brother Knight from our community, Dave Gervais. He has become known as “Top Dollar Dave,” an amazing example of being a good citizen, outstanding volunteer, Sir Knight and advocate for hope and healing. His nickname is well deserved because over the 13 years that he has fundraised for the Dempsey Challenge, Dave has raised over $200,000.00, to support the works of the Dempsey Center, https// Just this year he raised over $22,000., which has made him the top overall fund raiser.
The mission of the Dempsey Center has helped make lives better for those impacted with cancer was inspired by Patrick Dempseys’ mothers’ battle with the disease. All are so impressed by the wonderful work the Dempsey Center does daily and the difference it makes in our community. Because of family and friends who have died of cancer, David has gone door to door mobilizing his neighbors and co-workers to donate to this cause. He writes a letter and sends it to hundreds of people in Lewiston, Auburn and beyond. Most of the donations are under $20., which is proof that this is truly a community effort.
Dave really has a knack for fundraising and bringing people together for a common cause. We are all so proud he is doing this important work here in Lewiston. It is for this reason Lewiston’s Mayor personally thanked Dave for being a model citizen putting in countless hours of work to raise work money for the Dempsey center. In the Mayor’s words,” you are someone to look up to, I am proud to know that you are part of the Lewiston community.” Dave was presented with a Lewiston Challenge Coin. ( David receives award on YouTube video, starts at 1:03:00, ).
A photo was taken with Mary Dempsey and the executive board.
Dave was presented with a Lewiston Challenge Coin

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