Dilapitated Garage Teardown




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Dilapitated Garage Teardown


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Brother Knight Rey Dubois requested assistance from the Knights to tear down an old two door garage on his property. The garage was unsafe, and could fall down anytime. Five brother Knights and a neighbor rallied to the call for assistance. The men arrived with a tractor with a bucket loader, crowbars, saws-all, hammers, sledgehammers, gloves, helmets, face masks and many other tool items. It was decided to tackle the roof and shingles first, after removing shingles for a while, it was decided to use the saws-all’s to cut through the shingles and roof wood, we cut sections of the roof and d=this allowed us to grab and put boards up and out of the roof, making a huge reduction in time needed to remove the shingles and roof. Next we tackled the siding, after removing most all three sides of siding we used the saws-alls and cut the support beams, and then pushed the garage over, which allowed use to disassemble the roof, sides and floor boards. We placed all the painted lumber in a roll-off dumpster, and all the other lumber was placed in a bonfire to be burned the following day.

This project was so gratifying as the brothers Knight who owned the property has been so involved with helping others, so this seemed to be a pay back for all his generosity and support over the years. Well done brother Knights, sure was grand seeing everyone pitch ion and making this unsafe building disappear in just four plus hours.

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