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In Service to One, In Service to All
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Donation of 7 turkeys and all the groceries for thanksgiving dinners to 7 families in need.


Council: 11257 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

Each year our council provides Catholic Charities with Turkeys and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving Dinners. This year we were able to increase to 7 families provided by the Catholic Charities of Portland. The Turkeys range in size from 12 – 14lbs and are donated by the Hannaford Shop and Save. Members of our Council 11257 donate each year to fund this activity along with assistance to our Coats for Kids project during the holiday season. There is much need in the Portland area and we are but one organization of assist and try to make a difference. We have hopes of continuing this effort in future years and look to the possibility of increasing the number dinners supplied. Brother Dave Haverty assisted by his Wife Maureen and Brother Mike Pizzo has lead this effort for 10yrs or more.

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