Donation to Scarborough Food Pantry




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Donation to Scarborough Food Pantry


Council: 2755 - SPRINGVALE

Project Description:

Father Jack Dickinson left Council #2755 as Chaplain due to an assignment in another Parish located in Scarborough Maine. Council #2755 offered to support him with his move as it has done with other priests in the past. Father Jack met with Grand Knight Pete Auger stating he needed no additional assistance so it was suggested the Council donate money to the local food pantry in Scarborough in his honor which is the new community he will be serving in. A donation of $500 was authorized and is being sent to the First Congregational Church of Scarborough which operates a food pantry that the local Parish also supports. These funds will be used to further assist the important cause this food pantry serves in the Scarborough Area.

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