Eagle Scout Project 3 – Resetting Street Signs




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Eagle Scout Project 3 - Resetting Street Signs


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

We were requested to provide a project to a prospective Eagle Scout that would provide sustained improvement. The street signs in the cemetery had moved due to frost since they were originally set about 20 years ago. The were no longer vertical and looked quite unsightly.

This scout proposed pulling all the poles, redrilling the holes with a power auger, filling the holes with cement, and resetting all 20 poles. The scout enlisted friends to help and ran a fundraising campaign to pay for expenses (power equipment rental, cement, and gravel). Everyone showed up on the appointed day. Adults were necessary to run the power equipment, which no scout was allowed to operate. The task was about half done when the crew broke for lunch (pizza and soda provided by the scout’s parents). The scout received his Eagle badge at a December ceremony. All the poles were set well before sundown. Equipment was returned to the rental establishment before an extra day would be charged.

The recent drive by shows the poles look perpendicular and nicely set. The scout received his eagle badge at a December ceremony.

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