Extensive Rectory Repairs




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Extensive Rectory Repairs


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Our church maintenance committee did a walkaround this summer that included the church rectory. Fr. Reggie, the resident senior priest, had a list of requests. Three Knights attacked the list, and with sponsorship from the council, completed the following repairs: new garage entry door, new porch entry door, new Adirondack chair built by one of these Knights, repaired two bi-fold doors, gutter repair, installed a second bannister allowing two-hand balancing,made electrical repairs and installed new lighting in the garage, and disposed of obsolete building materials. Fr. Reggie was so pleased with the result that we inserted the following in our parish bulletin:
“Grateful to the Knights of Columbus for repairs done to the rectory on Dana Court – Flooring and repairs to the bathroom, installation of a back door and bannister, building an Adirondack chair. Thank you, Paul Concannon, Bill DeCormier, Gene Tanguay. All your work is very much appreciated. Fr. Reggie”

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