Family Advent Retreat




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Family Advent Retreat


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

St. P{all the Apostle Parish Faith In Action Director, Tracy Guerrette asked the Knight to partner with them to help put on an Advent Retreat afternoon at St. John’s Church. The Knight agreed to do the shopping and to prepare a Chicken and Rice Soup, along with breads, drinks for the event.
Brother John Newcomb purchased the items and prepared the soup the day of the luncheon, and brother Paul Larrabee helped with serving the lunch and clean-up.
There were approximately 125 parishioners who took part in the retreat and lunch.

A very good program was put together with several advent activities to further bring God to life in the human spirit, and the whole community were better connected, which made a for a great day of activities.
Thank you brothers for making this happen, great JOB!

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