Family in need of help with benefitsfrom Alfred, Maine




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Family in need of help with benefitsfrom Alfred, Maine


Council: 2755 - SPRINGVALE

Project Description:

Brother Knight Pete Auger of Council 2755 on his own time helped a family out of Alfred Maine that was struggling after the matriarch of the family passed away during the summer of 2019. The widower has a grown up fully disabled son and did not know how to navigate both the social security system and Office of Mainecare services because his wife had done all that work. His benefits were shut off and a community member gave Pete the family’s information to see if he could assist on 12/19/2019. Pete helped them get their documentation together and submit it to the appropriate agencies to continue his benefits and for him to collect survivor benefits as well. As of 1/9/2020 the son’s benefits are fully intact and the issues the father and son faced in December 2019 were resolved.

The names of the family are kept confidential due to sensitive medical information.

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