Family Mass for our Deceased Members




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Family Mass for our Deceased Members


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

Each year honor our deceased members, but also show our devotion for their widows by inviting them as well to our memorial mass offering them flowers prior to the Mass. At the conclusion of the Homily, our Faith director would read the names of our fallen brothers as two honor guards stood in silent salute on each side of our plaque which contained then names of all our fallen brothers. The plaque was draped by a black cloth barring our KC emblem and a large arrangement of flowers just below the memorial plaque. During the homily our pastor would make mention that the mass is also said in honor of our deceased members. Our oldest widow at the age of 103 was homebound so after the mass our Grand Knight and his wife brought a bouquet of flowers to her home and presented it to her as we sat together in Christian fellowship recalling all the good times, we shared with her and her deceased husband. Her son who happened to be at her home that night stated how happy she was to see us and that we cared enough to include her in the celebration of life.
We always say that our widows are not forgotten and will always be a part of our KC family.

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