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Family Of The Month


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Westbrook Council #2219 is a very active council with many opportunities for Brother Knights to become involved. The Council also has many active Knights who inform the council of suggestions of community needs to be discussed and if approved, are acted on by the council. One particular Knight and his family took a special interest in one of these activities and during our November monthly dinner meeting we honored the Plante family for their activity in the Elias Wesowize toy drive. Brother Dennis Plante introduced the council to the Wesowize family and the wish of their now departed nine year old son that no child would go without a toy from Santa on Christmas morning. Since their son’s death, the Wesowize family has been doing their own toy drive in their son’s name donating toys through the Salvation Army. Dennis Plante and his wife worked with the Wesowize family, interviewed the family, wrote up the insert for the church bulletin and gathered all the toys donated by the parishioners and held them for pickup. The toy drive was extremely successful gathering over 300 toys to add to the Wesowize totals making this one of our most heart felt events of the year!

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