Family of the Month – January




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Family of the Month - January


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

The Knights of Columbus Family of the Month Award is not limited to families within the council membership. It properly identifies any family whose contributions are worthy of recognition. Although this family is well known to the St. Anthony community, their behind-the-scenes actions are not so obvious. Only because I hang around the business office as much as I do am I aware of what Mary and Tom Hopkins do as volunteers at St. Hyacinth cemetery. We no longer have a cemetery employee for upkeep and monument placement. When markers are delivered to the church (because they will not deliver to the cemetery with no one there to accept), these monuments (weighing up to 100 pounds) must be loaded, transported, unloaded and set in the ground. Tom and Mary do this as volunteers.
Mary also prepares and arranges various functions involving the pastor, the bishop, and parish groups often at her own expense. When her mother, Rosalie Aube, retired recently, Mary took care of the party on her own. Who purchased the food, arranged it, and cleaned up after Fr. Cartwright’s recent reception? Of course, it was Mary and Tom.
Mary was a tremendous help regarding the recent nativity display and sale. She managed all the credit card sales while simultaneously cooking her famous pizelles in the kitchen. After this event ended, she set up eleven nativity sets retained by the church in the vestibule and narthex for everyone to enjoy.
I visit the office often just to hear her infectious laugh, which survives despite plenty of stress. It gives me great pleasure to award our Family of the Month for January to the Hopkins family, including mother Rosalie.

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