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Family of the Month - November


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Our Family of the Month for November goes to a couple who is also on my “Go To” team.
When Fr. Joseph Koury passed away this summer, each council was asked to provide two pallbearers for the funeral. This Brother Knight answered the call and joined me for four hours of travel and service.
He also is susceptible to arm twisting. Activity Directors are critical members of the Council 2219 team. They organize and report on events in the four areas of Family, Faith, Community and Life. I could think of no better person to fill the role of Faith Director than Steve Gagnon. Fortunately, he willingly accepted.
One of the requests for Activity Directors is to file Faith in Action reports. Despite never having performed this task, Steve diligently attacked my request and succeeded on first try.
Those of you who attended both the Parish Fair in July and the Christmas Fair this month know that Steve and Eleanor man the Books, DVDs and Puzzles booth. What perhaps you do not see is them lugging all those materials from fair to fair and to and from their basement storage area. Add the many hours Steve invests in finding, purchasing, and transporting those items, and you will begin to realize what is involved.
In addition to her behind the scenes toleration of storing all those books and puzzles, Eleanor Mavodones has been the face of Family Promise, along with co-chair Terry Patten. She arrives early in the morning to assure that all the overnight chaperones have survived the night!
As a member of the Daughters of Isabella, you will see Eleanor in the kitchen, on the serving line, bussing tables, or taking part in their charitable activities … whatever is needed.
Only one couple accepted Gorham Council’s invitation to dinner and a tour of the Maine Military Museum recently, and that, of course, was Steve and Eleanor. If you ask them, I am sure they will tell you that they are glad that they did.
Did I forget to mention that Steve is a lector, acolyte, member of the choir, and a talented performer and actor with memorable performances as “Fats” Waller and in the play “Harvey?”
It is my distinct pleasure to award the November 2021 Family of the Month to Steve Gagnon and Eleanor Mavodones.

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