Family of the Month Program




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Family of the Month Program


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

The Family unit is increasingly under attack by the liberals of our nation. The anything goes, all about me society is constantly attacking the all aspect of what is moral, decent, loving and most important of what “Family” is all about. The very reason why our Order was founded was because the family unit was being destroyed due to the death of a spouse and the family was torn apart because the widow could not care for their children.
In todays world the family unit is being destroyed in many different ways due to economics, peer pressure, social media, and lack of moral values.
This is why highlighting the best of our families through the Family of the Month program is so important. There are so many families in every council out there giving honor and dignity to the very word “family”. Every council has a duty to bring these families to the forefront by honoring them through this simple program.

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