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Festival of Trees


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Our Council participated for the seventh straight year in the annual Festival of Trees held at Westbrook-Warren Congregational Church in downtown Westbrook. The Festival consists of dozens of beautiful Christmas trees sponsored by city organizations. Other events also are held, e.g., a huge model train display and concerts. Each tree has a theme. Ours was “Helping Those in Need,” which reflects a major role of the Knights. We decorated our tree with Tootsie Rolls, small white lights, artificial poinsettia blossoms, and glass balls and bells. Underneath the tree we placed aprons used during the Tootsie Roll Drive. We chose a Tootsie Roll motif because that function relates directly to our service efforts toward those in need. In addition, people who are not especially familiar with the Knights of Columbus probably have seen members distributing Tootsie Rolls outside stores. The money collected at the Festival goes to area agencies, including the Westbrook Food Pantry, that help Westbrook citizens. Although only two members of our council were involved directly in putting up, decorating, and taking down the tree, many people viewed our tree.

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