Flag Placement on Veterans Grave




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Flag Placement on Veterans Grave


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

For the past eight years, the Director of our Catholic Cemetery (Joe Gallant) have asked the Knights to organize efforts to place American Flags and medallions on the graves of veterans. The Knights publicize the event in the Church Bulletin, and they have the Parish Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and many Parishioners help.
On May 21, 2022 over three dozen Knights, their families, Scouts and Parishioners attended to help place flags on the graves sites prior to Memorial Day. Brother Keith Forbes from Pine Cone Council planned the event including recruiting knights and their families, the Scouts and Parishioners to assist. Brothers brewed the coffee, purchased the donuts and bottled-water, and set-up a refreshment table at the cemetery for volunteers to enjoy. The event started at 9:00 with the presentation of a New American Flag, this is a new tradition where as the Assembly donates a new flag at the beginning of each summer ass the flags only last about one year. Then, the Pine Cone Assembly Honor Guard, secured the flag to the lanyards and hosted the flag while a local trumpeter played Reveille, afterwards an introduction to how to find the headstones and footstones, how to determine if they were a veteran, and how to place the flags for coordination and consistency. The cemetery is quite large and although it is located on Ohio Street, it is actually split in two by the I-95 highway. The event took around 2.5 hours to place several hundred flags, medallions, and stakes in the ground. It was a great event and has turned into a great tradition of our youth coming together with everyone to honor our Veterans and to help build up our Church and Community.

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