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Food for COVID Clergy


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Recently Msgr Andrew Dubois and Deacon Luis Sanclemente both contracted COVID. They were quarantined to the Rectory and Fr Bruce Siket was also in the Rectory but stayed away and managed to avoid being exposed. Brother Keith Forbes reached out to see what the Knights could do and it was recommended to provide some special meals. On Friday 8/19 Brother Jacob Haskin and his family prepared a fish meal with all the fixings and dessert. Then 21 Knights each donated $5 and we were able to go to Longhorn and provide Msgr, Dec Luis and Fr Bruce each a T bone steak with the fixings. With many hands offering just a few dollars we could really make their day. Finally Brother David Robichaud provided a third meal as well. Msgr reported that although the meals did not cure his COVID, they were the best medicine he could ask for. Msgr and Deacon have fully recovered and are doing well.

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