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French Choir Visit - Paris France


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

St. Paul the Apostle Parish was asked by the Choir Director from Paris, France if they would host the Youth Choir for a three day visit and performance at the Parish, to which the parish wholeheartedly accepted.

The Tour Bus pulled into the drive way of St. John’s Catholic Church on 207 York Street at about 5pm, July 18th, 2019. As the youth walked off the bus in their uniformed red shirts, and BIG smiles, some of us saw faces we knew from two years prior on a previous tour, man wasn’t we happily surprised. The excitement built, and the youth were given to waiting Host families.

For three days the youth were kept busy with practices, sightseeing, and outings.

On July 18th, the local Knights of Columbus, Pine Cone Council 114 hosted the Choir and host families to a traditional American Hamburger nd Hot Dog BBQ, with Mac and cheese, coleslaw, beans, pies and ice cream. The BBQ was well received and the Knights did an awesome job putting on the meal.

Later that night on the 18th, the Choir held their Concert to the entire community. The night was full of excitement, just after the concert started the electricity went out throughout the community, +Fr. Murray had folk light candles, and youth hand pumped the Organ, and the concert went on. The atmosphere was brilliant, the music wonderful and the evening was a success, at the conclusion of the performance the power was restored and the lights came on. What a night!!!!!!!!!

The Knights went by the church hall daily to ensure coffee and water was a available for the choir throughout the three day stay.

A great job by the local Knights of Columbus

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