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Friendship Day


Council: 5515 - NORWAY

Project Description:

Friendship Day is a cluster wide event that brings together St. Joseph’s, St Elizabeth Ann Seton, St Catherine, and Our Lady of Ransom Churches together at one location for an afternoon of relaxing fellowship and fun. This annual event was started way back prior to our association with Cluster 30, and far back enough to our association with Auburn. There is a committee that works behind the scenes to put together this event starting with the end of the event the previous year and finishing up just prior to the current years event. This was the first year that it was held at Our Lady of Ransom. This event allows the congregation to see and become familiar with all the churches in our cluster. It also allows them to meet members of other parishes and interact in a beneficial way. Once you make a friend, that connection is always there, even if years go by without seeing one another.

The Knights tasks mainly involve the set up and break down of the event, putting up the tents prior to the event, cooking the food at the event and then taking down the tents after the event. Cluster 30 has two Knights Councils in it, Council# 5515 and council# 11376. Both have participated in this event since the cluster was created. This year, Council# 11376 was tasked with setting up for the event and Council# 5515 was tasked with breaking down and cleaning up after the event. We had Brother Knight s who participated in both activities.

Sadly, a good portion of the congregation does not participate in this event, perhaps because they have other things to do, don’t like the venue location, or just show a lack of interest in it. The fellowship and fun found here is like a benefit that the church provides and those who take advantage of this opportunity benefit from it. You find the people that take advantage of the opportunity are active and involved members of the church community. How do we fill out the jobs the church has? You pick up help from events like this. People that are happy and involved don’t mind working when they have to because now they have “friends” to work with.


CONGRATULATIONS COUNCILS 5515 & 11376 ON A JOB WELL DONE. All your efforts are not in vain! Keep up the good work!

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