Fuel Assistance Dinner – Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors




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Fuel Assistance Dinner - Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

This winter has been colder than usual and for people living on the margin the heating costs have been unbearable. Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a local, all volunteer program, which seeks to help when able by providing fuel assistance on an emergency basis.

A Brother Knight of this Council and his wife volunteer with Neighbors Helping Neighbors by being members of the Board of Directors. The Council decided to hold a haddock dinner to raise funds to support the efforts of our Brother and his wife and the people of our community in need.

Several days before the dinner Brothers shopped and gathered all the groceries, fish and paper goods needed for the dinner. Several weeks before the dinner one of the Brothers lettered the sign board on the roadside in from of our Church. A Brother created a flyer and two Brothers printed the flyer and inserted it into the bulletin the week prior. The Council publicity director placed an announcement in all the local newspapers.

The morning of the dinner several Brothers set up the hall with chairs, place mats, place settings and set up the kitchen. At noon several more Brothers and their family members arrived to begin preparing the food. 10 Brothers along with the wives and children showed up to serve the 120 plus people who attended the dinner. We held a 50/50 which included tickets to our next haddock dinner in March and a prize to the winner of $105.

Because of the work of the Brothers and their families and the support of the local community the Council is able to donate $615 to Neighbors Helping Neighbors – keeping people warm in emergency situations.

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