Fundraiser for Eric Howes




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Fundraiser for Eric Howes


Council: 2755 - SPRINGVALE

Project Description:

Eric Howes died of a heart attack on 10/21/2019. He was an active community member in the Sanford/Springvale area. He left behind his wife and 4 children including a grandchild. Council members from 2755 volunteered their time on 10/27/2019 from 12pm-4pm helping organizing and implement a fundraiser for Eric’s family. Knights included Scott Barraclough, Michael Morin, Tim Payeur, Dan Bergeron, Richard Bergeron, Pete Auger, Dan Vermette, Dan Lavertu, Curtis Ham, and Steve Levesque. During this time Brother Knights sold raffle tickets for 18 meat raffles, 50/50 tickets, counted funds coming in as well as donating their own funds directly to the cause. The event ended up raising almost $7500 for the Howes family. This is one of several that have been organized that Knights from Council 2755 will be active in assisting.

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