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Garden Project


Council: 2755 - SPRINGVALE

Project Description:

Brother Knights Pete and Dan Auger participated in a Garden Project for Council #2755 in Springvale. Growing three separate gardens in three different locations over the summer and fall vegetables from the garden were donated to Brother Knights, widows and other community members over a 6 month period. Vegetables given away included 150 pounds of tomatoes, 3 cases of canned pickles, 3 cases of canned pears, 25 pounds of summer squash and zucchini, 2 cases of canned zucchini relish, 1 case of canned tomatoes, 1 case of salsa, several jars of canned beets, 15 pounds of green peppers and assorted jalapenos. Over 50 people received these items at no cost to them.

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