Giving Gifts to Nuns




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Giving Gifts to Nuns


Council: 101 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

Council 101 has an annual Christmas dinner with gifts and entertainment for nuns throughout southern Maine. This year due to the pandemic we could not have this celebration with the nuns. In its place we put together gift packages to be delivered to 102 nuns across the region. Members of council 101 and 11257 either bought gifts or donated money to buy gifts for the nuns. We gave them a personalized Christmas card with $5 cash and a candy cane along with two gifts which were all placed in a reusable Christmas shopping bag. Several Knights and some spouses signed over 100 cards, collected, wrapped and sorted the gifts. One spouse baked cookies and made cereal mix for gifts to nuns. A handful of our Knights and some spouses delivered the gifts to six drop off points for further distribution of the gifts. Many thanks to all the Knights in councils 101 and 11257 who made this a huge success. We have received some very positive responses from some nuns.

A special thank you to Jesse and Mary Senore for supplying and personalizing the Christmas cards and purchasing gift bags and a special thank you to Jim & Barabara Willey, Dana Dumond, Andy Chapman, Bill & Karen Welch, Bill & Ruthie Green and Steve Capriola for delivering the gifts.

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