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Grandma Project


Council: 2399 - MADISON

Project Description:

Our Council arranged for the purchase and installation of a 13′ countertop, double sink and high faucet for Grandma. Grandma is raising six grand-children at her home in Madison. Three of the children are teenage girls, a set of twins, a younger boy and a baby. A 21 year old grand-son also lives in the home.
A Brother Knight arranged with a local building supply company to get a “deal” on the countertop, sink and faucet. He also was able to arrange for a local contractor to dismantle and install the new countertop, sink, faucet and hardware needed to replace the old, rotting countertop.
Our Council committed $500.00 toward the project. When the estimate came in it was for $740.00 so we turned to our Parish Priest for assistance with the balance. He agreed and covered the overage needed to pay the cost of the project.
A few days later trim work for the top of the counter was purchased by the Council and installed by a Brother Knight and his wife.
Needless to say, Grandma is very excited with her new set up.

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