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Hands Around The Capitol


Council: 1423 - No. WHITEFIELD

Project Description:

Forty-seven years ago the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision on a case before them: “Roe v. Wade”. Their decision to allow abortion-on-demand has since killed over 66-million innocent unborn children – the most defenseless and vulnerable of God’s creations.
The Maine Right to Life Committee, with considerable assistance from the Knights of Columbus, holds an annual Rally and March to demonstrate our moral , ethical, and spiritual objection to the SCOTUS decision. Following a Mass, celebrated by Bishop Deeley, the over 215 Catholic congregants joined non-Catholics in the gym, to hear several Pro-Life speakers. The keynote speaker was Dr. Haywood Robinson, 40 Days For Life’s National Director of Medical Affairs and Education.
Following the Rally, the group marched from the School to the State Capitol, where the ‘Liberty Bell’ was struck 47 times, and a rose was laid at its base – one for each year of the egregious SCOTUS decision.

The K of C participants totaled 66, representing 22 Councils from throughout the Jurisdiction.

In addition to attending, Knights also set-up the Gym, provided refreshments, organized traffic and crowd control, and cleaned up the venue following the Rally and March.

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