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Harvest Magazine Support


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

Getting valuable information to the people of our Diocese is critical to our Bishop for the formation of faith. The Harvest magazine has been a valuable tool to get that information out to the faithful of our State. In a way to support the mission of the Harvest Magazine, our council donated $550.00 for a table of 10 for our members to enjoy a night of good Christian fellowship and food. One of the enjoyable events provided at the Harvest Ball is the silent auction, for many years one of our members has been asked to make pies for the auction. The pies are divided into three sets of three pies (trilogies) as they are called featuring many different types of fruit pies. These pies have been an excellent seller and many people have bidding wars to make sure their bid is the winning one. Our member always looks forward to put on the apron and the daylong process of baking all the pies knowing it will all go to providing continued Diocesan news of our faith through the Harvest magazine.

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