Helping A Brother Veteran In His Time Of Need. 15791




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Helping A Brother Veteran In His Time Of Need. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

One of our Community Veterans and I brought Christmas cheer to another veteran in Portland on 25 December, 2020. We as Knights of Columbus, and Veterans of the military are often asked for help no matter what the day or weather is like. On 25 December, 2020 because of mechanical problems with his vehicle, a fellow Veteran contacted me and explained that he was expected to visit his brother on Christmas Day, and share a dinner with him. He explained that because his vehicle had mechanical problems he was asking me for help. Within an hour we were on our way into the city during the wind and rain storm we had on Christmas. Because of Covid-19 he was only able to stay a short time and enjoy their dinner together. On our way home I asked my Veteran Brother what he was going to do with his vehicle. I mentioned to him that I would contact a local garage and have it taken in on Friday for repairs. He was pleased that I would take time to do that for him. HELPING Brother Veterans in their time of NEED is very important for us as Knights of Columbus. We prayed a little for his brother, and our safe journey which GOD gave us on Christmas. GOD is truly Good.

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