Helping a Community Residient in Need. 15791




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Helping a Community Residient in Need. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

One of our council brothers and his wife came to the aid of a fallen resident at the Senior Housing Unit where they live, on Monday April 9, 2018. Yesterday around noon time a number of senior residents gathered for our monthly Pot-Luck Meal in our community common room. We all gathered to enjoy a meal together, enjoy plenty of fellowship and play bingo following the meal. After the meal the bingo game was started Shortly after that one of the senior ladies said she felt dizzy and fell out of her chair. When she fell she landed on the step of the fire place which is in the living room area landing on her right side. My wife and I being former trained medical people went to her rescue. She complained of dizziness, pain in the area of her right rib cage, and became very pale. We recommended that she should go to the hospital and be examined. Seeing as her daughter was on her way back from a trip and would not arrive until early evening she agreed to be transported by ambulance. Once the ambulance arrived my wife went in with her in the ambulance and I followed with her car. Once arriving at the hospital we waited with the lady before and after the examine. It was determined that she had broken two ribs and was having a medical reaction to a new drug she had just started a couple of days before. Around six pm her daughter arrived at the hospital, and we discussed what had happened. Shortly after we found out she was going to be admitted over night for observation. We asked the daughter if there was anything we could do. We left shortly after and brought the ladies car back to the complex. Always prepared !! That’s what a Knight of Columbus is all about. Also with the Good Lords help the lady will be fine, and healing at home in a day or so. Praise Be To GOD.

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