Helping a Neighbor in Need. 15791




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Helping a Neighbor in Need. 15791


Council: 14246 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

As a Knight of Columbus and a community neighbor I helped one of the ladies who loss her husband two years ago with a problem she had with her car within the community complex on 6 May 2022. Checking on 8 May while out on a morning walk, I noticed that her front tire was still flat. This lady was living alone with no one to help her, so I stopped in to see if I could be of any help. This lady was ill, and recovering from a bad cold, so I offered to help her with the flat. Asking for her keys she told me she had no spare and was waiting for someone to come and help her out. She stated she could not afford a tow truck to come and help out. Once again on 9 May I noticed the tire was still flat. So, after talking it over with my wife I decided to present an offer to the neighbor lady of paying for a tow truck to come and move her car to a garage. This lady has very minimal income and does not have any family in the state. On 11 May 2022 I gave the lady a ride to the garage so she could pick up her car. One of the single men who lives next door to her offered to pay for the new tire. Neighbor’s Helping Neighbor’s. It is times like this that makes me proud of being a Knight of Columbus with Council 15791, and a Secular Franciscan. “Praise Be to God”

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