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Helping Baby Asher's Family


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

Baby Asher came into the world a little earlier than expected – almost nine weeks too soon. He is the son of a Brother Knight and his wife, and Baby Asher is a brother to two beautiful sisters. The Brother is an immigrant from Guatemala and his family has been very active since joining the Council two years ago.

Baby Asher spent his young life in the ICU at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital as a fighter. His family turned to our Parish and Council for prayers and the response was abundant. After struggling with the best of medical care God saw that it was two much for Baby Asher and called him home after three months. The family including his two sisters, age 4 and 9, were devastated although their strong faith carried them through this tragic ordeal.

The wife of our Brother did not work – instead raising her children at home and our Brother did have a job but the cost of the medical bills and funeral expenses were overwhelming. Our Grand Knight sent out an email the day that Baby Asher went to Heaven requesting help. In 24 hours the Brother Knights and their families donated $2270 to help the family with the cost of Baby Asher’s funeral.

On August 18, 2018 the Council held a haddock dinner to raise additional fund to help the family with expenses. A flier was put together by a Brother and the weekend before two Brothers printed the fliers and inserted them into the bulletin. The morning of the dinner many Brothers and their families set up the hall and began cooking the dinner. Many people who volunteered their time started at 7AM and worked through until 8PM. Over 120 people showed up for the dinner and to support the family including many people from the Guatemalan community who knew our Brother and his family. We held a 50/50 raffle and the winner generously donated his half back to the family. The dinner raised another $1470 to help the family.

Less than 30 days after Baby Asher was welcomed by the chorus of Angels into Heaven this Council and it’s members through their hard work and love for a Brother and his family helped ease their burden by donating over $3700 and countless prayers and hugs to help this family. The Council show it’s respect for life in all it’s stages.

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