Helping hand for a widow




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Helping hand for a widow


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

A widow living in a trailer park in the town of Wells contacted our Grand Knight to see if our council could do anything to help her situation. She didn’t have the money to purchase another tank of heating oil to get her through the next few months as well as she said she had very little or insufficient insulation under her trailer to keep the cold air out and possibly freezing her water lines. Since our Grand Knight is also a contractor, he has been able to secure many connections within our community. He contacted Garthwaite Oil Heat Services in Wells and was able to get him to donate a tank of heating oil for the widow. Secondly our Grand Knight found that he had plenty of insulation available from a prior job and again using his connections, got a local contractor to install the insulation provided by our Grand Knight at no cost to this needy widow. It is an honor to know that people will seek out the aid of the Knights of Columbus councils in their community knowing that their needs will be met all in the name of Charity.

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