Helping Hand – Helping our adopted council support their churchThis




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Helping Hand - Helping our adopted council support their churchThis


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

Our Council was once again asked by our adopted Jackman council to assist in raising funds for their Parish in Jackman in the form of a benefit dinner. We again gratefully accepted and after spending a few hours gathering all the foods necessary, two members of our council along with a non-member friend and a State officer, headed over 200 miles into Gods country. Once we arrived at our venue which was the Jackman American Legion Hall, we started cooking our culinary delight of spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and garlic bread and completed the process just in time to feed the hungry supporters of the Jackman community. We had plenty of help from members of the Jackman council led by their District Deputy. Needless to say we had a great time enjoying good Christian fellowship and knowing that 50 per sent of the proceeds would go to supporting the church and the other 50 per sent would go to support another benefit which will be noted in another report.
On our way home we spoke about how enjoyable this trip was and that we help true to our “Adopt a Council motto”

“Support for a brother Knight should never be measured by the distance on the map but rather by the Fraternity and good Christian fellowship one receives when united for a common cause in the name of Charity.”

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