Helping Hands / Back Pack For Kids Program. 15791




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Helping Hands / Back Pack For Kids Program. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Council Brothers along with our Faith In Action Team participated in this NEW Faith In Action Program called Back Packs for Kids. The location of our meetings were in the Parish Meeting area’s, and the Internet. This project started on July 9, 2018 through October 4, 2018. During the month of August two of our council brothers worked to gather information on Back Packs through local businesses and the Internet. On September 13, 2018 we met with the Social Justice and Peace commission and discussed a joint effort in the Purchase and Distribution of 8 Back Packs and school items to go in the back packs for children 3-9. After our presentation the Social Justice and Peace Commission Team liked the idea very much. It was suggested by one of their members that their group purchase 8 back packs if the Knights purchased 8. They also made a pledge of $160.00 to pay for their 8 packs. During the last week of September a donation was made to our council for $160.00, in support of this program. Now we had the money to go out and purchase 16 new back packs. At the October 2, 2018 Business meeting our Deputy Grand Knight made a proposal that the council write a check for $80.00 additional dollars and we go out and purchase some school supplies to go in the back packs. The proposal was seconded with minimal discussion and approved by the council members. During the last couple of days the 16 back packs and school supplies were purchased and delivered to the Food Pantry’s in Gray, Falmouth, Freeport, and Yarmouth. God is truly Good.

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