Helping Neighbor In Loss of Her Husband. 15791




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Helping Neighbor In Loss of Her Husband. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

One of our Knights of Columbus, his wife and several complex neighbors in our Senior Community, have spent many hours during January, through March helping a resident and friend in need. During the Fall of 2017 one of the complex families was told that the husband was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Since being diagnosed his health and medical condition forced him to become bed ridden, and finally passing after New Years holiday. Shortly after the first of the year my wife and I along with several of the neighbors started a small support chain to help our friend who had just loss her husband. She did not drive so what one of us would do is take her shopping, and help transport her to appointments, etc. One of the neighbors suggested to her that she get her drivers license and then she could do more than just stay in her apartment so much. Several weeks ago she did apply and as of this writing has her license. Every now and then one of us will help her with something, but other than that she is pretty much self-sufficient. This has been a very Blessed way for us to give back to a person who means so much to us as a friend and neighbor.

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