Helping Seniors In Need After A Snow Storm. 15791




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Helping Seniors In Need After A Snow Storm. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

I once again helped our complex seniors within the Meadowview Complex on Friday February 25, 2022. Being one of the younger seniors here in Meadowview, has given me a chance to help a number of seniors with errands, rides to appointments, grocery shop, and this time it was snow removal. Early on in the morning it was around zero when I went out to start cleaning off vehicles. The Viet-Nam veteran needed the most attention with cleaning his van off, cleaning out in the front of the vehicles for all six seniors, and moving the Vets van to the turnaround, where all vehicles need to be moved to, prior to the parking lot being plowed. On this day I felt very honored to have been able to help these six seniors which allowed them to move their vehicles more safely, to the cleared-out section. Helping Family and or Neighbors is very important to me, as a Knight of Columbus and a Christian.

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