Host June Major Degrees. 15791




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Host June Major Degrees. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Four of our council brothers along with brothers from councils 101,334,1423,2089,2219,4861,10019,10020,10221 and 15791 participated in the states lates Formation and Knighthood Degree’s at Saint Gregory’s Church and Hall on Sunday June 23, 2019. Today was a very Blessed day for all the Candidates who advanced to the Knighthood Degree. We started gathering around 10:30 AM at Saint Gregory’s to begin our day with the set-up and preparation for this up-coming degree. Around two one of our council brothers and his wife joined us in the preparation of the meal which would follow the two degree’s. On or about 4:30 PM the degree’s ended and it was time to clean-up from the degree’s and move to the Hall for a meal. A nice Italian meal was served with plenty of desserts. Our four new Knighthood members were very pleased with the ceremonies, and also pleased to have been able to attend. Thanks to the degree teams and our LORDS Blessings, this day was made possible.

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