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Icon of Persecuted Christians


Council: 5515 - NORWAY

Project Description:

The traveling Icon of Persecuted Christians was delivered to our Council by District Deputy Tom Nigro. Tom and the State Deputy designed a schedule for us to adore what the icon represented as well as to view the icon in person. This was done beginning on September 20th and completed on September 22nd. On Friday September 20th, after the Friday morning Mass at Our Lady, a rosary was scheduled to be said for all the persecuted Christians primarily in the Middle East (Holy Land) as well as other locations around the world where people were being targeted for their faith. A special booklet accompanied the icon for just such a purpose. An adoration was held on Sunday morning, September 22nd prior to the 10:30 AM mass at Our Lady of Ransom. Many parishioners made plans to pray before the icon before Mass. The State Deputy traveled down from Limestone to view and pray before the Icon. The Icon was then Processed into the Church for all to see by the Fourth Degree Honor Guard from Council# 11376.

Fr. Ed participated in this procession and he himself did homage to the Icon with incense and prayer invoking the Icon’s intersession and to pray, as we all did, to stop the unnecessary persecution of Christians worldwide. Prayer cards were passed out as well by the District Deputy.

After Fr. Ed’s brief remarks at the end of Mass, State Deputy Mark Burgoin was asked if he had anything to add. Surprisingly and to the awe of the parishioners, he made reference between the Icon of Persecuted Christians and what Our Lady of Ransom meant. Our Lady of Ransom, by its name was one who protected Christians from persecution. He then said that of all the Churches in the State of Maine, no church was more deserving than ours to have the icon as a permanent resident of the church so that we will not forget its meaning. He then presented the church with the icon. The parish will look to place this icon in a safe, but visible place so that all who enter will be able to reflect on her. As the church is looking to renovate its worship space, what better a present from the Knights of Columbus to energize us as we move forward. Thank you very much to the Knights of Columbus

The Feast Day of Our Lady of Ransom is September 24th!

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