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Keep Christ In Christmas


Council: 12941 - BIDDEFORD

Project Description:

St. Joseph Council #12941, Knights of Columbus
Surge Report
10 February 19
Keep Christ in Christmas
Our council again participated in the Keep Christ in Christmas program in our parish. Like past years we set tables at all entrances of St. Joseph Church and Most Holy Trinity Church. We concentrated our efforts at each Church on different weeks. We placed advertisements in the parish bulletins and had church announcements at all the Masses.
This year we proactively talked with the parishioners with the intent to educate the purpose of our campaign. This year we stressed about the importance of sending Christmas cards to all members of the family and friends. 1) The faithful will smile with pleasure in receiving a beautiful religious Christmas card. 2) For those who are casual faithful, a reminder that God never takes a day off in loving you and awaits you. 3) For those who have walked away, God is always with you and is waiting for your return. 4) For those who are not faithful, this is a good way to let them know of God’s love that is ready to be received if they choose to ask about God.
This year we came up with a creative idea. My wife Paula suggested that we take all the cards that were not sold in the past 4 years and make assortment packets with a nice decorative ribbon. She put 55 packs of assorted cards together. We put a price tag of $8.00/pack. We ended up selling all the packets. With the leftover magnets we ended up making $500.00 for our charities without spending any money. On top of this we received a generous donation from Saco & Biddeford Saving Institution for the Dollar for Doers program. Our Council generated $700.00 for our charities without spending $1.00.
Man-hours into the program were as follows for the months of Sept. to Dec. 2018. 1) 2 Knights @12 each equaling 24 hours (Sales)
2) Non-knight @ 22 hours equaling 22 hours (sorting, organizing and sales) Total hours —————————-46 hours

Your Worthy Committee Chairman Daniel Bedard

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