Knight of the Month – August




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Knight of the Month - August


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

It is a pleasure to select a longtime Council 2219 member who is now in a position to be more involved in council activities as our August recipient.
As chairman of the maintenance committee at St. Hyacinth Church, I put out a request for trucks to help transport materials identified for disposal. Jim Fournier was among the first to reply. He and I made several trips to recycle metal at Schnitzer and Company as well as large wooden items at the Casella Waste area.
The new parish fair held in Windham on July 17 presented another opportunity for Jim and his truck. Only his work schedule prevented him from working in the Council 2219 booth at the fair.
Jim was part of a small crew that moved a large bookcase from the rectory garage to the mezzanine level at church. When we found it was too large for the elevator, Jim and Steve Gagnon somehow wound it down the stairway and to its current resting spot.
Jim stepped up to become a Trustee this year. He and I met to sign the semi-annual audit at his house. Because he had an expansive yard and grilling facilities (and I do not), I asked if he would be willing to host our summer officers’ meeting. He was delighted to accept. This meeting was a huge success, in large part to the hospitality shown by Jim, Charlie and the family dog.

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