Knight of the Month – January




In Service to One, In Service to All
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Knight of the Month - January


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

January’s Knight of the Month has been a council officer for several years, yet his contributions have somehow seemed overlooked. He has offered me a blanket “just call me if you need something done.” He has led the Westbrook Together Days operation for several years, buying and storing soda in his basement whenever it is on sale. That means he had to lug it out of his basement to get it to Riverbank Park. He mans the kitchen whenever needed, he is our “Mr. Coffee,” and he always hangs around to clean things up.
As Warden, he sets up the meeting room in advance, arranges the council jewels for the officers, and checks traveling cards at each meeting.
He is a regular usher at each Sunday morning mass, properly attired in Knight’s gear. It pleases me to award January’s Knight of the Month to my longtime friend, Darrell Lachance.

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