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Knight of the Month - November


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Our Knight of the Month for November is one of our most active and involved Brothers. Unlike many of us who try to fill some idle hours during retirement, this Knight is a full-time employee with extended hours.
Our council faced critical crossroads when our Financial Secretary of twelve years, Paul Roy, retired from that position after many dedicated years of service. Our Treasurer thankfully stepped up to take that important role, but in doing so, he left a void behind … we needed a Treasurer, a position of financial knowledge, responsibility, and trust. Who better to fill that position than Dan DiGenova?
The St. Hyacinth Christmas Fair also needed a leader, someone with organization, communication skills, and dedication. It is unfair that when someone completes a job very well, he or she is sometimes expected to do it perpetually. Unfair or not, Dan agreed to lead IF he could get the support he had received in the past. Those who attended this year’s November 6 fair and craft show will attest to another year of great organization and wonderful support from his team.
Once again, Dan has agreed to co-chair our Christmas Party for children of the parish age twelve and under. The includes sign-ups, gift purchases, wrapping and decorating, refreshments, and Santa’s “team.”
Dan is one of what I call my “Go To” team – those Brother Knights who are always there to pitch in when the call goes out, so it is only fitting that so many of you show him similar treatment when he puts out the call.
It is my distinct pleasure to award the November 2021 Knight of the Month to Dan DiGenova.

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