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Knight Of The Month


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Westbrook Council #2219 holds their business meetings on the second Monday of the month. We have been without a District Deputy until recently, Dave Spada has been assigned as our new District Deputy, Dave attended his first meeting with us at St. Anthony’s and sat up front among the officers and being in a wheel chair was unable to see the prayer which we recite at the completion of each meeting. Brother John Testa who was seated in the middle of the room and not next to DD Dave noticed that he could not see the prayer as we are all stand at the time we receipt the prayer, he also saw that DD Dave did not have a copy of the prayer therefore could not participate in reciting the prayer with the rest of the council so took it upon himself to photograph the prayer and forward it over to DD Dave later that week. This moved DD Dave to the point that he brought it to my attention, this was truly and act of kindness and thoughtfulness which John Testa exhibits on a daily basis, it’s who he is and we’re all proud to call him our Brother…

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