Knight’s Participation in Family Promise Week




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Knight's Participation in Family Promise Week


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Family Promise is a Nationwide organization which assists homeless families, that need assistance in escaping homelessness, by housing them utilizing a community-wide network of churches to provide shelter, food and necessities to the homeless families keeping them out of the shelter environment. St. Anthony’s hosts homeless families 4 times each year and this effort is supported by all the parishes in the Sebago Lakes Region Parish through volunteers who donate time, money, food and other needed items to make the homeless families comfortable during their one week stay at St. Anthony’s. Knights of Columbus Council 2219 is very supportive of this effort and many of the Brother Knights volunteer their time and provide needed food and supplies to the families. In March, St. Anthony’s hosted 7 family members as guests, two of which were Americans and 5 of which were immigrants form Angola and all were homeless families needing assistance. This effort not only helps the homeless families but also provides a way to build community within the Sebago Lakes Region Parishes through the many volunteers who join together in this significant effort. Council 2219 is proud to provide assistance and participate in this important effort.

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